Visas (English)

Visitors with Fixed Income (produced outside Venezuela) visa

Issued to visitors whose income is derived from legal investments, interest income, benefits or retirement allowances produced outside Venezuela, if such income is over US$1,200.oo per month. If the head of a household travels with his family, he or she shall additionally show documentary proof of a permanent monthly source of income generated abroad in the amount of US$500.oo per family member travelling with him.

Visas are processed by the Consulate General that corresponds to the state of your residence. You can check which Consulate General corresponds with your state of residence at the following link: Contact with the Consulates.

- Legal attestation of the monthly income and the family relationship that exists with the person or persons who travel with him. The pertinent authorities from the visiting person's country of origin must issue said attestation.

Note: This type of visa is granted for one (1) year, multiple entries, to stay in the country for up to the same period of time. The Ministry of the Interior and Justice may extend this period of time upon request of the applicant, who must show the proof of a source of income generated outside Venezuela.