Visas (English)

What are the specifications to submit visa photos in digital format?

Characteristics of digital photos for visa applications


  1. Photo must be recent (maximum 6 months)
  2. Picture Size: It must be symmetric with a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels and a maximum of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels. Image files with letter page size with the photo scanned in a corner are not acceptable.
  3. Format: JPEG
  4. Extension: *.jpg
  5. Size: Less than or equal to 240 KB (kilobytes) and more than 40 KB (kilobytes)
  6. Background color: White (plain surface)
  7. Color photo, even lighting (no flash marks, red eyes or shadows)
  8. Show your face and neck
  9. The face should occupy 66-75% of the photo
  10. The face should be clear, facing the camera with eyes open
  11. The person may not be looking to the right, left, up or down
  12. The person should have his or her mouth closed and with a neutral expression (no smiles)
  13. We do not accept photos with glasses that reflects the flash light or dark crystals that difficult a clear visual of eyes.
  14. The head should be uncovered and upright
  15. The image must be sharp, no bends, no scratches, no stains or holes.


The photo should be forwarded to the Consulate General email (about the consulates) with the subject "VISA PHOTO NAME SURNAME" (VISA PHOTO JOHN SMITH) and with the following file name: Name-Surname_VISA.jpg (John-Smith_VISA.jpg).


If you are sending a group request you should send a single email with several image files attached and with the following subject: "VISA PHOTO GROUP DATE" (VISA PHOTO GROUP 20-DEC-2011), you are required to indicate in each image file attached the name as follows: Name-Surname_VISA.jpg (John-Smith_VISA.jpg)