Visas (English)

Entrepreneur/Industrialist Visitor visa

Issued to persons who prove that they own or are engaged in the management of an enterprise or industry established in the country of which they are residents, and that they have branch offices in Venezuela and enter the country to carry out activities related with said enterprise or industry.


Visas are processed by the Consulate General that corresponds to the state of your residence. You can check which Consulate General corresponds with your state of residence at the following link: Contact with the Consulates.



- Application form filled out and signed.

IMPORTANT: The applicants of San Francisco have to request their visa at least thirty (30) days prior the departing date to Venezuela.

- One recent digital photo. See specifications and instructions here.

IMPORTANT: The applicants of San Francisco and Chicago have to send two photos passport size in white background.

- Passport where the visa will be stamped (must have more then six months left before the expiration date).

- Non u.s. citizens need a copy of their green card, or copy of the work visa and I-94.

- Company letter, in original written in the business letterhead paper, specifying the following:  a) position, b) purpose of the trip, c) name and address of company or person to be contacted in venezuela, d) length of stay in Venezuela, e) company who will pay for the spenses while the person is in Venezuela.

- Certified copy of the  articles of incorporation of the company, or an employer’s certificate of good standing.

- Copy or scan of the round trip ticket or flight itinerary, clearly indicating entry and exiting dates. We prefered them to be confirmed.

- Consular fee: US$ 60.00 in money order or company check payable to "Consulate of Venezuela".

Note: Visa in the category of visitor entrepreneur/industrialist is granted for two (2) years, multiple entries, to stay in the country for periods of up to four (4) months per visit. These visits may not be extended.

When the passport submitted needs to be returned by mail, please send us a certified self-addressed stamped envelope or the invoice form from any courier company with the account number or credit card number.