Legalizaciones (Legalizations)

English (Debt Certificate)

A Debt Certificate is a letter titled "Certificado de Deuda", in Spanish, listing the products and services provided to a Venezuelan company, which is used by that company in Venezuela in order to get authorization to access foreign currency and pay a debt to a foreign provider. Only the title needs to be in Spanish.

This letter must show the name and Tax ID number of both companies (in Venezuela, the tax ID number is described as "RIF" number), the invoice number, and the amount of money owed by the Venezuelan company importing the products or requesting the services from a company outside of Venezuela.

Requirements needed to legalize Debt Certificates

1. The Debt Certificate letter notarized and authenticated by a County Clerk or with an Apostille seal obtained at the Secretary of State of the state in which the company is located.

2. Copy of the Bill of Lading of the products that was exported to Venezuela.

3. Copy of the article of incorporation of the US company exporting merchandise to Venezuela and the importing Venezuelan company.

4. Tax ID number of the US-based exporting company and the equivalent (RIF) of the importing Venezuelan company.

5. Bank letter that certifies the good standing of the exporting US company.

6. When the requirements submitted need to be returned by mail, please send us a certified self-addressed stamped envelope or the invoice form from any courier company with the account number or credit card number.

1.-The debt certificate should be AUTHENTICATED either by a County Clerk or by obtaining an Apostille seal issued by the Secretary of State.
2.-This legalization generate a consular fee of US$50 for each Debt Certificate payable with money order or company check to "Consulate of Venezuela".
3.-If you are doing the process by mail, please include a prepaid envelope in which we can return the legalized Debt Certificate and any original document you send us.