Derechos Consulares (CONSULAR FEES)

English (Consular fees)

Consular Fees

Description Art. 55 Fee (US$)
Certificate of Analysis Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Animal Health Ord. 1 70
Phytosanitary Certificate (2) Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Health (2) Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Quality Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Free Sale Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Origin (1) Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Purity Ord. 1 70
Certificate of Use Ord. 1 70
Certificate of  Free Sale Ord. 1 70
All other legalizations (Debt Certificate, Letter of authorization, Letter of Representation, Authorizations, Commercial Agreements, Letter of Commitment, Letter of Credit, Letter of Protest, Certification, Certificate of Property, Certificate of Company Registration, Declaration of Boarding, List of Registered Brands, List of Prices, Statue Modifications) Ord.13 50
To register General Power of Attorney Ord.5-A 300
To register Special Power of Attorney Ord.5-B 100
For issuing a Venezuelan passport Ord.10 80
For issuing bussines visas Ord.12-A 60
For issuing tourist visas Ord.12-B 30

* These certificates must be issued by the authority in question, not the soliciting companies, and must be legalized by a Consular Office. Please refer to addresses and juristictions of Consular Offices.

(1) No longer need to be used unless specifically requested or if product originates from a country with which Venezuela does not have commercial agreements

(2) No longer needs to be legalized by Consular Office