Visas (English)

Student Visitor visa

Will be issued to non-migrant persons who wish to enter the country for technical higher education or university studies, graduate studies or internships.


Visas are processed by the Consulate General that corresponds to the state of your residence. You can check which Consulate General corresponds with your state of residence at the following link: Contact with the Consulates.


It is recommended that non-migrant applicants request their visa no less than three (3) months before the expected travel date. We wont be able to process applications when the travel is expected to start in less than 8 weeks before  the requirements are received in the Consulate.


You have to drop the application and requirments in person, for that you don't need to have an appointment. 



  1. Application form filled out and signed. In the Chicago Consulate you just have to fill and send this Online Form, then print it from the email you will receive and bring it with the rest of the requirements.
  2. Original passport with a minimum of six (6) months of validity remaining as of the expected travel date and at least two blank pages.
  3. Copies of the passport pages that show personal information, the expiration date and the photograph.
  4. One recent digital photo. See specifications and instructions here. The Consulate General in Chicago and San Francisco requests the photo in physical formar (printed).
  5. One (1) copy of the flight itinerary (which indicates the date of entry to and exit from Venezuela, the name of the airline and the flight number).
  6. A money order for $60 in the name of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  7. Proof of registration or definitive acceptance issued by the educational institution where the applicant will study in Venezuela, duly signed and sealed.
  8. If the applicant is a minor, permission from her or his parents. Both parents must give permission, whether they are married or divorced. This authorization must be certified by a General Consulate and translated into Spanish.
  9. A notarized written statement in which the applicant agrees to not engage in for-profit activities in Venezuela.
  10. Certificates of studies and/or diplomas/degrees earned.
  11. A letter addressed to the Consul General indicating the reason for the trip, any persons who will accompany the applicant and the length and place of stay.
  12. If the applicant is not a U.S. citizen, proof of residence in the United States.
  13. A letter of request from the institution endorsing the applicant, indicating the economic means available to the student in Venezuela; proof of acceptance in the educational institution where the applicant will study or the business where the applicant will have an internship; and diplomas and/or proof of studies.
  14. The applicant must present the aforementioned documents in person at the Consular Section or Consulate.
  15. A pre-paid United States Postal Service Priority Mail envelope or UPS with a  tracking number for the applicant’s documents to be returned.
  16. Any other document the Consular Section deems pertinent.


The Consular Section or Consulate may require an interview with the applicant.

The Consular Section or Consulate may request the applicant’s criminal record.

The student visa will be issued with a validity of one (1) year, including multiple entries and it can be extended subject to approval by the Ministry of People’s Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace following proof of continuation of studies.